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“Thank you so much for the wonderful session you gave me… you take such genuine joy in all you do and I felt nurtured and blessed… it was so comforting and calming and healing to my spirit… your work is sacred…”

Kathy R.
New Hampshire
“The experience was subtlely amazing! Meryl was so supportive and offered much insight into what I couldn’t eloquently describe.”

Caroline Ortiz
Reiki Level 1 Practioner
Nursing Student


“I have had a direct experience of Meryl Brinnin’s work as a healer and Reiki Master.  She placed her hands on me for a few minutes and I felt great peace, power and strength.  I highly recommend Meryl’s work.  She is a caring, generous and lovely individual who does great work and is very gifted.  Please get a session from her and you will experience this first hand”.

Dr. Arly Fox-Daly
Doctor of Energy Medicine
NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
“I am very blessed to have Meryl as a friend and colleague. We have shared Reiki many times and her Reiki is always so warm and soothing. She is a great therapist and teacher as well as an active member of the NYC Reiki Meetup and volunteer in several hospitals”.

Geordie Numata
Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Vortex Healer & Astrologer
“It is an honor and privilege to have Meryl come in every week and offer her precious time, dedication, and Reiki Treatments to our patients. Her loving touch and positive energy is an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for the loving kindness you have given all who come across your path!

Aurora O’Campo
Head Nurse-Complimentary Medicine
Beth Israel Hospital-NYC
“Meryl is a sparkle of light, she brightens a room when she enters. What a great source of positive loving energy, You have sparked my interested in Reiki’s healing power
I look forward to learning more about the healing power of Reiki from you.
I’m so glad we met.”

Derrick James

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