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Every Tuesday  & Wednesday@ 1pm EST

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Are you ready for something different? A new experience of Healing, of Oneness, of Being You on this planet? Have you been waiting for the invitation to that possibility?

RICH Healing™ is an experience of oneness, opening to all of who you truly are. RICH Healing™ provides profound transformations in consciousness and physical form. When you experience RICH Healing™, you open up to experiencing your true Oneness and letting go of all that is not you

RICH Healing™ offers tools to help you create change in anyone’s life! To clear the Thoughts and Emotions that are limiting your life, RICH Healing™ combines Energy Healing with conscious clearing techniques to help you experience more bliss, joy and to achieve the life you came to this planet to live.

When you experience a RICH Healing™, you may notice an increased level of bliss in your body, a feeling of connectedness with the entire Universe, a knowing that you are powerful and can create any change you desire.

When you RICH a limitation, it clears the entire world!

Visit to order your free mp3 audios, livestreamed classes, & book a private session.

Chat in with your questions & receive deep clearings with RICH Healing At (347) 855-8786 Or Visit:

Meryl Vandana Brinin is the Founder of RICH Healing™, She provide services and classes all over the world,One-on-one healing sessions in-person and via phone/Skype, RICH Healing classes and tele-classes on various subjects.

Live too far to travel to a RICH Weekend Body Process Workshop, Click Here To Learn more about Hosting Opportunities:

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Consciously Shifting Gears

Consciously Shifting Gears-On Being Joy Radio

Every Wednesday @ 1pm EST-Call in to speak with the us at (347) 838-8357

Listen To The Free Replay Here:–rich-healing

Have you ever felt like you were unconsciously repeating the same patterns that led you to crash straight into a brick wall and yet you keep doing it without feeling like you had a choice?

What if you always have a choice and you can blast all the have to’s and need to’s out of this existence and replace them with Choose to’s?

Would you like to Consciously Shift Gears this year & invite fresh new & exciting infinite possibilities for something far greater to show up?

Does you judging you keep you stuck in overdrive? Would you like to shift & choose a different path to awareness that would allow you total ease, joy, and freedom without any road blocks getting in the way?

Is now the time to shift gears and choose another path that would be more fun, rewarding, and phenomenal where you can experience a smooth and easy ride in this reality?

What do you desire to show up in your life & stop functioning from auto pilot?

Join Meryl & Patrick, Founders Of RICH Healing, as we take you on a joy ride to consciousness!

Call in to speak with the us at (347) 838-8357 or visit this link to connect with us on line:–rich-healing

You can call in with your questions or email us in the chat room.

RICH Healing™ Phone / Skype sessions with Meryl or Patrick are $135. To learn more and to sign up for a session, go to:

For more information on Patrick and RICH Healing™, and for a Free MP3 Guided Healing Journey through Consciousness, visit:

The Website To Get RICH Is:

RICH Blessings,
Meryl & Patrick


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