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Dear Friends,

Would you like to see our NYC Holistic Healing Events Thrive? We are now accepting contributions in order to move forward & continue  offering high quality healing events, speakers, workshops, spiritual teachers, life transforming classes, healing, & coaching.

For  over 5 years, I have been organizing & facilitating exciting spiritual events, a wide range of healing modalities, speakers & shamans from all over the world, & spiritual weekend retreats at  affordable prices.

In order to continue being generative & expansive for everyone involved in this wonderful community, I have created a contribution button so we can continue offering these amazing events  for many years to come. We desire to continue holding our events in high vibrational spaces as we have been for the last few years however the cost of venues is rising every year making it more and more challenging. Often times, celebrity speakers, authors, & well known teachers have travel expenses & we would like to honor them and their time, energy, & devotion by supporting them for their knowledge & healing offerings.

You can make a donation in any dollar amount by clicking this link:

You can join our NYC Healing Events at Or Facebook.
Here are the links: and

We appreciate your contribution & look forward to meeting you at a holistic healing event this month.

If you would like to be added to our monthly healing events, leave your name and email address on our contact form here.

Ease, Joy, Glory!

Meryl Vandana Brinin

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