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0_0_0_0_250_250_csupload_49725291The Bars® has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more! At worst you will feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

Would You Like To Learn The Bars With Total Ease & Learn Simple Tools & Processes that you can use every day to change your life for the better?

Would now be the time to start thriving instead of just surviving?

What Are The Bars Anyway? Well, There are 32 BARS of energy that run through and around your head. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging and money; just to name a few.

Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to be generative in that area and to have something different show up in your life with ease.

The purpose of The Bars is to show people that they can actually lay there and receive. Having your Bars run, meaning the 32 points on your head being gently touched, effortlessly and easily releases anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.

What’s really cool is that each Bars session is completely different & each session can release 5-10 thousand years of limitation in the area of your life that corresponds with the Bar being touched.This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process undoing limitation in all aspects of your life without any effort.

At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

You will receive your Bars Manual, view Gary & Dain’s Bars Video, gift & receive 2 Bars sessions, & receive your Access Bars Practitioner Certification upon class completion! In addition, you will be provided with head charts and other information to assist you in running Access Bars on your own & for other people.

Take the Bars Access Class with 3 different Bars Facilitators & Become A Bars Facilitator so you can teach others. If you attend a total of 3 Access Bars classes*, you are eligible to be a Certified Bars Facilitator.As a Bars Facilitator you are Certified to get paid for running people’s Bars as a private practice, to host trade nights and to teach the Bars Class.

*First Class-$200

*After The First Class You Pay Only- $100

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Book A Private Session & Let Me Run Your Bars!

60 Minutes-$135/90 Minutes-$155/2 Hours-$175

How Does It Get Any Better Than That?


Access Bars Testimonial:“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the session yesterday and meeting you. You really know the stuff and are a super guide/facilitator- You are a terrific teacher”-DD

Bars Session Testimonial: “Meryl Vandana has a very powerful energy and I felt clearly how she read me on so many levels. Thank you Meryl-The queen of Coney Island “

“When you change the energy, the outward situations of your life change, as if by magic. When you step into being something different you open up the space for that to exist where before there was no space for it to be. ” Dr Dain Heer D.C. (From Being You, Changing the World)

In Ease, Joy, & Glory!
Meryl Vandana Brinin-Access Bars Facilitator


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