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Hi Meryl,
You totally amaze me!!!! From the multitude of spiritual interest and modalities you teach and present to the beautiful high vibrating woman you are…you have the whole package..nice work!!! I’m very impressed:)
I SO love and Appreciate you

I have to say that I was blown away once again by my session with Meryl.

I had been feeling very irritable, energetically and emotionally drained and my WHOLE body ached all day before my session and almost didn’t do the session because all I wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully I did the session.

As Meryl was working on me, emotions started coming up and my body pain actually got worse (especially my back) while she was working. It finally got to the point where I was able to tap into the pain in my body and feel the repressed emotions behind it and have a huge emotional release. It wasn’t pretty or fun and I even squirmed quite a bit with the feeling like I wanted to get out of my body. WIth Meryls nurturing support and energy work I was able to release a lot of emotional trauma to the point that by the time the session was done, my body pain was greatly reduced. Within an hour after my session, ALL of my body pain was greatly reduced by 90 percent. My back was flexable again with NO pain.

WOW …. what a huge shift in one session !!!
-Dean Curtis, New York, USA



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